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Gender Theory

Feminist & Queer Theory/ies
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Welcome to Gender Theory.

This is a community for posts exploring all sorts of theory in application to a range of topics revolving around, but not limited to, Gender Studies. We would like this to be a place for discussion of theory in a way that is accessible; if not in and of itself, then by patient questions and discussions. In many institutions around the US and the UK, and perhaps in the world at large, studies of gender are beginning to extend their valence beyond just Women's Studies and feminism. Ultimately, we hope that this merging of Queer Theory, Masculinity Studies, and Women's Studies is not a way of diminuzing feminism or Women's Studies, but a way of completing the feminist project, born of civil rights struggle and historical provocation, to expose and explore the functioning of patriarchy and the dominant symbolic logic.

Posters are welcome to post on any range of subjects in regards to the extent of their involvement with the study of the underlying structure of oppressions; of the historical genesis of subjects in regards to this pervasive form of knowing the world; of the historical traditions that are now open to critical frames that, until very recently, were resistant to marginalized experience; and, of thinking of "the subject" beyond a system that pervasively defines the norm, and subjects within that norm as existing as variants of the Male subject.

Confused? Interested? Feel free to read and to post questions if you're curious.

Now, for the community rules:

1. Anti-feminists, racists and those who do not understand that oppression is an institutional, systematic structure that can be seen in language, thought, action, epistemology, ontology and subjectivity are welcome to watch all they want, but this is not the place for you to post. We respect your opinions, but if any anti-feminism or racism is discussed here, it will have to be done from a frame of mind that acknowledges at least a basic understanding that critical analysis of culture and of the way we live in the world in accordance with modes of thinking the subject are deeply involved with these systematic processes.

If you reject the following based primarily on your own feelings as per their being self-interested, essentially conflicted, or personal feelings of detest, then this is not the place for you.

2. Posts should be about or involve thinking differently or critically about dominant systems of logic and the way they figure into how we see ourselves. If you aren't willing to question why you do or think the things the way that you do, then this is not the place for you.

3. The nature of this forum is necessarily verbose, complicated, and sometimes seemingly impenetrable. if you find it so, then it is up to you to ask questions, instead of assuming arrogance on the part of those who study and theorize on these subjects.

4. Privilege is deeply ingrained in the practice of theorizing and is always at question. If someone suggests that something is being expressed in a way that does not open space to be considered from other frames of experience or reference, then consider that it might be relevant before you reject it. Part of the feminist ideal is that there is meaning in exposing or problematizing privilege. If someone wants to question how male privilege may be at hand, then that perspective is perfectly open to discussion, and is, by default, to be considered.

5. No flaming or personal indictment. None at all. This will be strongly moderated. The idea of safe space is at work here, and feeling personally accused, or making someone feel inadequate by being unopen to questioning and discussion is often a problem on blogs. We expect that there will be many different multiplicities of subjects, modes of thinking, theorizing, criticizing and learning here. Safe space does not necessarily mean censorship or exclusion, but it does mean that everyone should be capable of practicing deference. No trolls.

6. If commenting gets tangential then start a new post.

7. All ARE WELCOME. This is consonant with the rules above, but the inscrutability of theory here is not going to mean that posts and opinions are elitist. You are perfectly welcome here. There is much to be gained by being able to read cultural scripts and the subtext(s) that implicitly surround us. Insinuation often means more than what words actually say, and intent comes across through how you speak and how you treat people. This community exists with the knowledge that theory is completely useful for problematizing and providing the radical basis for thinking new subjectivity beyond what has been given us. You don't need a BA or a PhD to be here, but one needs to be aware that the language of theory isn't meant to be exclusionary, but also that, as the difficulty involved in the very nature of describing theory, the language used may seem impenetrable. So ask, if in doubt.

8. Posts may be authorial, but they don't need to have a thesis to be relevant. Open posts as per the questioning or interpreting of texts are expected. If you don't understand something you've read, feel free to quote and post it here. This is not homework help, but we're not going to prohibit help on understanding (and making more approachable) ideas that are essential for the formation of new subjectivities/theories.

9. This is not a place for posting questionnaires/surveys. Academic CFPs, related to gender/queer theory and issues of sexuality, are most definitely welcome.

For now that covers it, but all are welcome and we do hope that this can be a beneficial place for discussion and learning. Without a theory (or theories) to describe a reality, we cannot hope to change or affect the way the world works as we now know it. That is the conviction of this community and we hope that at the very least that perspective, and that avidity for finding applications for things that necessarily seem narcissistic and inclusive, can come down to us through patience, hard work, discussion and understanding.

And one more thing. Try not to post based on another communities post(s) unless you want to foster a discussion. Just keep it in mind. Don't go on the anti_feminism forum, find something offensive, and then post in specific reaction to it. Respond here to specific concepts and provocations.
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